Chef Robert McSpadden manages the daily operations of the Chris King Café and is responsible for designing and cooking the staff’s weekly breakfast and lunch menu. Chef McSpadden has been cooking his entire adult life, cutting his teeth in his hometowns French restaurant throughout high school. Afterwards he served a long stint in the kitchens of the Four Seasons hotels where he honed his skills cooking high quality food for the famous buffets, brunches, and catered dinners of these prestigious hotels. Robert worked at various Four Seasons hotels up and down the West Coast before settling at the Santa Barbara branch where he took up mountain biking in earnest and discovered Chris King components. While in Santa Barbara Chris King and Robert became friends where they spent time riding the numerous trails in the Santa Barbara hills. When the Chris King Café opened in 2009 Robert was the logical choice for head chef. While his daily duties keep him occupied when the space is scheduled with large parties and events Robert is happy to help chef DiMinno make sure that each event lives up to Chris King’s legendary standards.